It was in 1974 that Ferrero Canada, first opened for business in Toronto, Ontario. Over the years the brands such as NUTELLA®, FERRERO ROCHER®, FERRERO COLLECTION, RAFFAELLO, TIC TAC®, KINDER®, KINDER BUENO and KINDER® CHOCOLATE were introduced to the Canadian consumers.

Ferrero Canada is proud of its products which have become household staples in Canada. Our mission is to be the most respected and loved consumer package goods company in Canada. In this vision we picture every Canadian child enjoying NUTELLA®, as a part of nutritious and balanced breakfast. FERRERO ROCHER® and FERRERO COLLECTION are staples for holiday season and are the first items on the gift lists across Canada. Canadian families are creating playful moments with their children while sharing the fun of KINDER®. Our mantra is “creating joy and delight… everyday!” and everything we do revolves around it.

When we invest in our people and our product we do so for the long term. We as a company have enjoyed double digit growth for more than 4 years in a row and are looking forward to continuing that trend. A big part of our successful growth was the opening of the Canadian industrial operations in 2006. A state-of the art plant was built in Brantford, Ontario. At the present time it supplies NUTELLA®, FERRERO ROCHER® and TIC TAC® to North America and Australia.